We are Pro-Life!

It seems almost redundant for a baby names site to mention the fact that we are prolife! But in today’s world, it is a staggering thought that often even married couples consider and have abortions!

This is a sad truth that too few think about. These are not young, panicked teenagers with pressure from both family and friends worrying about their place in the culture around them, but parents who either do not yet want a baby or feel that they do not want anymore, but had come to find out that they are pregnant!

Yet, no matter how you look at it, when you simply face the facts … abortion is murder. There are no two ways about it.

We now know that life undoubtedly begins at conception. No sane or reasonable scientist would disagree, even if they are unsure about such things as what is termed “viability” or worth of that life. But even such things should not be up for debate. History will look back upon our world and paint a dark picture of “doctors” masquerading as baby killers in a chamber of horrors. What we have done in our modern society is nothing short of infanticide, the likes of which not even Hitler could have dreamed.

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